Board of Directors

2020 Board of Directors

Justin Colmenero - President

Christine Grissom - Secretary/Treasurer

Randy Aherns

Christopher Ardueser

Sonya Durrwachter

Angela Quintanilla

Rey Rangel

Board of Directors

Get involved in strengthening the lives of those you love. Family Counseling Service has openings for new Board members.  Please contact Kristi or Patti at 361-852-9665 or print and fill out an application.

We are looking for leaders who have a desire to make an impact within the community by working with an organization with an indisputable reputation for changing persons lives one family at a time. We encourage applicants from varied and diverse backgrounds and/or experience.

Interested person should print the application and submit a letter of interest describing involvement(s) in civic activities, experiences, and how own personal knowledge would contribute to improving the role of FCS and the community. Once completed and after reading the terms described below; submit to:

Family Counseling Service
Attention: FCS Board of Directors
3833 South Staples, Suite S203
Corpus Christi, Texas 78411

Primary Role:

The Board of Directors of Family Counseling Service shall be a self-perpetuating, legally responsible governing body serving as a link between the agency and the community. It shall consist of at least 11 diverse directors.

The Board assumes responsibility for policy development of the agency by adopting policies and reviewing policies when legal requirements or regulations change (or a minimum of every four years).

Keeping the mission of the agency in mind, the Board of Directors also assumes responsibility for monitoring and evaluating the Executive Director, planning for the organization’s long term direction and the future as part of the planning and quality improvement process, overseeing financial management and ensuring that the use of resources and service delivery benefit the community.


The office of each member of the Board of Directors shall be 3 years (some exceptions apply). Members shall be elected by the Board of Directors. Nominations shall be announced during the December Board meeting with election following. Members can be nominated at any time during the year. Members shall be eligible for re-election, provided that after membership on the Board for nine consecutive years, there shall be a period of one year before any person may be re-elected to the Board. 
An exception of one additional term can be made if a Board member is in rotation as President-Elect/President, Past President.


1) A genuine interest in community problems.
2) Varied interests and contacts in the community.
3) A willingness to devote sufficient time to give adequate and active attention to his/her responsibility as a Board member.
4) Regular attendance of monthly meetings as well as additional meeting times may also be required.

Any Director absenting himself/herself from three regular meetings of the Board within a calendar year without reasonable excuse acceptable to the Board shall atomically forfeit Board membership.

For More Information, Please visit the website:

Family Counseling Service
3833 S. Staples, S203
Corpus Christi, TX 78411

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