Parent Education Programs

The Parent Education Program teaches ways families can get along better, follow family rules with less fighting
and resistance and create a loving family relationship. The Parent Education Program offers ten weeks of guided
learning followed by four weeks of educational support groups which touch on the following topics:

•Parenting skills
•Effective discipline
•Behavior management

This program is beneficial to the parent, as well as the children in a family by improving communication and reducing stress. A family that communicates tends to get along better. It helps parents to enhance their children's coping skills, reduces child behavior problems, and reduces or eliminates the risk of child abuse by the parents.

Whether you are a new parent, or a pro, a parent to one child or many, every parent can benefit from a child parenting class.Taking a parenting class doesn't mean that you are not a good parent. It means that you want to be the very best parent that you can be to your child!

For more information on our Parent Education Program, please call our office at 361-852-9665.

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