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NOTICE TO CLIENTS: The Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council investigates and prosecutes professional misconduct committed by marriage and family therapists, professional counselors, psychologists, psychological associates, social workers, and licensed specialists in school psychology. Although not every complaint against or dispute with a licensee involves professional misconduct, the Executive Council will provide you with information about how to file a complaint. Please call 1-800-821-3205 for more information.

Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council

Attn: Enforcement Division

333 Guadalupe St., Ste 3-900

Austin, Texas  78701



Administrative Staff

Kristi Phillips, MA, LMFT-S

Executive Director

Couples, Families, Children/Adolescents, Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Behavior Issues, Parenting, Crime Victims, Critical Incident Debriefing, Board Approved Supervisor for LMFTA’s

Veronica Duron

Office Assistant - Kingsville

Laurie Martinez

Office Assistant

Basti Rubio

Billing Specialist

Clarissa Schuermann

Office Assistant

Tara Wharton

Administrative Office Manager

Patti Zapata

Director of Operations/Accountant/Executive Assistant

Therapy Staff

Maria Graciano, MS, LPC-S, RPT-S

Director of Clinical Programs

Individual, Marriage and Family, Couples Therapy, Children and Adolescents, Immigration Issues, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Play Therapy, Critical Incident Debriefing. Provides bilingual services (English/Spanish).

Doris Alvarez, LCSW

Women’s Issues, Domestic Violence, Trauma, EMDR. Provides bilingual services (English/Spanish).

Mary Alvarez, MS, LPC, LSOTP

Trauma, Senior Program, Sex Offender Treatment, Anxiety, Family

Jennifer Blackwell, MS, LPC, ASOTP Supervised by Peg Braswell, MS, LPC-S, LSOTP-S

Anxiety, Depression, Self-Esteem, Trauma, Domestic Violence, Nueces County Juvenile Justice Anger Management Group Facilitator

Peg Braswell, MS, LPC-S, LSOTP-S

Marriage & Family, Divorce Adjustment, Women's Issues, Anxiety, Depression, Sex Offender Treatment, Board Approved Supervisor for LPC's and LSOTP's

Tracy Bru, MS, LPC-S

Site Supervisor, Kingsville Office

Individuals, Couples, Family, Adolescents, Geriatric, Depression, Anxiety, Parenting, Divorce Issues, Crime Victims, Employment issues

Valerie Carr, MS, LPC Associate Supervised by Maria Graciano, MS, LPC-S, RPT-S

Individual, Family, Children & Adolescents, Anxiety, Depression, Grief/Loss, Play Therapy. Provides bilingual Services (English/Spanish).

Markaye Dovalina, MA, LPC Associate Supervised by Tracy Bru, MS, LPC-S

Kingsville Office

Senior Services Group Facilitator, Senior Services, Crime Victims, Individuals, Couples, Family, Adolescents, Depression, Anxiety, Parenting, Pre and Post-Partum mental health.

Tina Martinez, MS, LPC, NCC, LSOTP

Nueces County Juvenile Justice MIPP Group Facilitator, Sex Offender Treatment Provider

Sophia Montemayor, MS, LPC, NCC

Individual, Marriage & Family, Couples Therapy, Children and Adolescents, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Parenting, Grief/loss.

Aurora Ortiz, LCSW, LMFT

Trauma, Employment Issues, Marriage and Family Issues, Divorce Adjustment, Grief/Loss. Provides bilingual services (English/Spanish).

Claudia Pichardo, MSSW, LCSW

Individual, Marriage and Family, Adolescents, Trauma, Women's issues, Depression, Domestic Violence, Immigration issues. Provides bilingual services (English/Spanish).

Laura Robbins, MS, LPC

CBT, Individuals, Couples, Family, Adolescents, Adjustment Disorders, and Mood Disorders.

Lindsay Stone, Ph.D., LPC-S, CCTP

Individual, Family, PTSD, Trauma, International Transition, Intercultural Adjustment, Stress, Anxiety, Provides bilingual services (English/Spanish).

Crime Victim Services Staff

John Ramirez, BS

Program Manager

Katrina Barnes, BS

Victim Advocate / Volunteer Coordinator