Therapy Services

Strengthening Children, Individuals and Families

We offer therapy to families and individuals experiencing transition

    •Single Parenting
    •Grief & loss issues
    •And more
    Therapy provided by Licensed Therapists

    Why Therapy?

    At one point or another in someone's life, they will experience a traumatic event. Whether it is the break-up of a family, the death of a loved one, or a mental illness such as depression. Everyone needs someone to talk to. You may feel more at ease talking to someone you aren't close to, and who listens with no judgement, but with the purpose of helping you.

    Therapy has been proven to help! People receiving therapy have reported less negative emotions, and a higher overall quality of life. Therapy improves your relationships with others by helping you. It helps to reduce symptoms, and it helps you to understand the underlying reason for your feelings and make better decisions based upon them.

Family Counseling Service
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